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Available sizes and MOQ

Ø75 mm H72 mm Volume 200 ml Quantity 140 g 160 g
MBM 50,000 pieces per design/print
Ø95 mm H98 mm Volume 460 ml Quantity 380 g 420 g
MBM 50,000 pieces per design/print

Ø75 mm H108 mm volume 250 ml quantity 230 ml
MBM 50,000 pieces per design/ print

Default: foil only.
Lid, lid with spoon, drinking lid, muesli or muesli cups on request

The packaging
Global responsibility

The materials used (unprinted PP cup + cardboard) are 100 percent recyclable when separated and disposed of by the consumer.

They require 32.7 percent less plastic material, use up to 80 percent recyclable cardboard and have a 17 percent better carbon footprint compared to packaging made entirely of plastic (reference value: cup: 95 mm diameter, 500 ml filling volume, directly printed, thermoformed).

Foodservice Produkte

Available sizes other sizes on request
Material: PP, decoration IML or label

– Organic yogurt based on oats natural 5% fat
– Yogurt based on oats natural 3% fat
– Organic coconut based yogurt natural 7% fat
– Coconut based yogurt natural 5% fat
– Vegetable sour cream 15% fat

Minimum order quantity
2.5KG: 96 buckets
5KG: 54 buckets

Logistics and storage:
Shelf life 60 days with refrigerated storage 0-+8 C
2.5KG bucket dimension: Ø199mm H 105mm

Pcs. per Euro pallet:
24 buckets per layer, 9 layers, 216 buckets per pallet
5KG bucket dimension: Ø227mm H 152mm

Pcs. per Euro pallet:
18 buckets per layer, 5 layers, 90 buckets per pallet